Ddos testing / testing resistance to attacks / simulate hacker attacks

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Ddos testing / testing resistance to attacks / simulate hacker attacks

 We provide the service , which will test loads and to determine resistance to hacking attacks your websites, servers, legitimate means . DDoS attacks are very common today, and know how it can affect the performance of your site is not unimportant. You show us a target and we will organize DDoS attack on her. Any questions about ddos attacks ask, we will try to help you.

Suggest DDOS services to address the various sites, servers, and other Internet resources.

DDoS-attack (from the English. Distributed Denial of Service - a distributed denial of service attack, "denial of service").
The attack on the computer system in order to bring it to the full, that is, to create conditions under which legitimate users of the system can not access the provided system resources (servers), or that the access is difficult.

Service Features:
• Complete anonymity
• Service without the mediation
• Reasonable prices for excellent quality
• Preliminary test before ordering
• Continuous monitoring of the victim to
• Different types of attacks, including the different protocols and ports
• Return of funds in the event of failure or cancellation

Price of service:
• 3 $ - per hour
• $ 30 - per day
• from $ 150 - per week
• from $ 500 - per month
(price depends on the attacked target)

Methods of payment:
• WebMoney